Change can be difficult, but sometimes necessary

Change could be anything from fast growth, cost measures, re-organisation, cultural changes… It can take time, is often associated with risk and you do not always reach your intended destination.

Focus: Change

No matter how good and elaborate your plans are, one part is often overlooked, the one where the real change needs to happen: the people. Ultimately it is on an individual level that things need to happen: new ways of thinking and doing things, new attitudes and behaviour that need to be developed.

It is not uncommon for change to be perceived as something unwanted and negative by the staff. No matter how necessary the changes may be, they are after all a sort of rejection of how you have done things so far.

This is exactly where The New Leadership offer managers and employees an exciting journey of personal development, which we embed directly in the activities where change will occur. By thinking in new directions and challenging old “truths” and habits, participants are able to grow and challenge themselves in the programme and thereby grow as individuals as well as with the improvements they bring to the organisation. This way you not only make the necessary changes happen, you make them last too.

“During a larger transformation, things sometimes happen so quickly that you forget to check how your employees are actually doing, or whether they are even on board with the change that is taking place. This is where The New Leadership programme has been a strong pillar in our work, something to give us strength when things have been tough and which has kept the management team together on this journey. This is a process that renders results and which has saved us a lot of time.”

Per Gauffin, Change Manager and Interim Managing Director, Portandum

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