You have the goals and the dreams. We have the tools.

Good leadership skills are not something you are born with. It is however something we can all learn. How good you are depends on your using and developing your skills every day, like any craft. This is one of the great things about The New Leadership; from the very first meeting, the programme is integrated with your everyday work and you are able to use your insights every day during the six to eight months you are taking part in the programme.

Focus: Leadership

To be a good leader long-term, you also need to focus on what results you wish to achieve. These are important aspects to us and we will help you by showing you how to develop and practise some crucial leadership skills in your everyday life. You will for example work on setting clear and attractive goals, become aware of your habits and attitudes, value and manage your time, as well as working on how to motivate, inspire, communicate well or any other competence you would like to improve.

You practise your skills by using your inherent strength in your everyday work, so that you can create new and sustainable results for yourself as well as for your company, and feel great in the process. Practice makes perfect and you will discover that your potential to create the leadership and the results you want is almost unlimited.

Our leadership programmes:

Individual programme: Executive/Leaders/Employees.
Group programmes: Management groups/Managers/Employees.
Train-the-Trainer: We license in-house leadership trainers in larger corporations and organisations.
Continuation programmes and Certification programmes: If you have already completed our programme and would like to further explore and develop your skills.

“I am very happy to say that The New Leadership has brought out several assets that have meant big improvements for me in my daily work, from a strategic as well as an operational perspective. This has led to increased available time for me with up to ten hours a week, which I can use for strategic developmental work – my most important task.”

Michael Forslund, HR Manager at HSB

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