Bigger thinking – bigger business

Business is done between people. To grow professionally as a salesperson, you do not just need a good dose of motivation and energy, you also need to be goal-oriented and have a strong drive to meet new clients and expand business.

Focus: Sales development

As a salesperson you are always expected to reach your targets (and preferably exceed them) and to manage your time and yourself in an efficient manner. At the same time, sales work is a team effort, which involves everyone: the management group, sales managers, employees in various supporting roles and, of course, the client.

Important success factors for salespeople include focus, quantity and quality. Most companies already manage the first two factors well. In The New Leadership, we focus on the third factor, quality, which we divide into three parts.

• Personality
• Trade knowledge
• Business skills

When we work with salespeople, we start with a current situation assessment in these three areas, which then make up the starting point for the goals for the journey ahead.

Essentially, sales work is about feeling comfortable in your role, with the products and services you offer as well as feeling comfortable in yourself. With The New Leadership you practise this from day one.

Bigger thinking – bigger business!

“We were looking for sales training that could help our already experienced salespeople to develop. The traditional sales programmes that we found did not match the demands we put on a training partner. We chose The New Leadership to be able to combine increased performance with less stress both professionally and privately. Clear exercises with plenty of time for reflection have resulted in better planning, more customer meetings and increased sales to our strategic customers.”

Stefan Bengtsson, CEO, Amtele

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