No man is an island. Teamwork builds courage, strength and security. Teamwork creates results.

Now I am more aware of what it is that takes away and what gives me energy, and how I can influence my own energy levels with some simple measures.

Anna Pontén, Head of Personnel at Deloitte


Team development: Managers/Employees
In The New Leadership we work with team development on two levels, the communal and the individual. The company culture, its habits, values and vision all need nurturing to create the right conditions for cooperation and team spirit. Equally important is for the individual employees to be given the opportunity to grow and thereby contribute their strengths and skills.

This is why we alternate group meetings with individual sessions. The communal goals of the group are broken down into individual action plans, where each member of staff is able to use his or her different skills to the full, as well as being able to improve any weak points they might have.

Since every group is unique, we always begin with a workshop where the needs of the group and its potential for growth are identified. If needed, we also use professional personality tests (for example DISC and 360-degree analysis). The objective is for us all to establish a communal platform, improved communication and a better understanding of the individual differences, in order to be able to work more efficiently towards the set goals.

At the core is always the personal leadership. The success rate of the group always depends on the individual members’ desire and ability to assume responsibility for their own development and growth, as well as that of the group. Teamwork builds courage, strength and security. Teamwork creates results.

Group development: Management groups
A management group has a greater responsibility for ‘the big picture’, for strategic and organisational work. It is not only the most imminent goals that are important, but perhaps even more so the direction and the long-term progress. Choosing the right path means a communal commitment to secure the future of the company, but this could sometimes also lead to friction within the group, when strong wills work in different directions.

The New Leadership coaches have extensive experience from top executive positions (Managing Directors, heads of departments, change managers) in both larger and smaller corporations. They are therefore able to effectively and successfully facilitate this kind of work. We encourage and challenge you in this process, so you can find your way to success.

Here too we start with the personal leadership, each individual’s own responsibility for the growth and progress of the group.

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