Few human skills are as essential for professional success as the ability to communicate well with the people around you

Good communication skills are crucial for a group’s performance and ability to co-operate. The objective of our Communication programme is to increase the understanding of our differences, in order for the group to use the group members’ individual strengths in the best way possible. This insight not only leads to fewer misunderstandings and fewer conflicts, it is also a prerequisite for creating efficient teams.


The programme is divided into two parts:

Part 1: DISC profiling and feedback

We carry out a DISC personality profile analysis and give verbal feedback to each member of the group individually. DISC is used to get an idea of the professional strengths of, and motivational factors for, each participant. DISC can be used very successfully in both management teams and groups of employees to build strong teams, allowing the team members to learn each other’s professional strengths and use each member’s potential in the best way possible.

Part 2: Workshop

The workshop offers a mix of theory and hands-on exercises. We actively seek to develop an understanding for each group member’s strengths and how we can work efficiently with personality profiles that differ from our own.

The workshop includes:

  • DISC – a theoretical discussion of the different strengths of the participants
  • Professional strengths and potential challenges within the team.
  • DISC in a group – how we can use everyone’s strengths to build the team.
  • The needs of the different personality types and how you use “style flexing” with whomever you are communicating with.
  • How the group can use their strengths in the best way possible. Action plan + rules.

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