Cultural change

Most companies have a good and well-structured process for continual product and service development. Resources are allocated to ensure that the product or service keeps up with the competition and current market developments.

Cultural change

However, when it comes to the employees, there is often a distinct lack of well-structured processes for development and innovation. Digitalisation, globalisation and changed business models mean that new technology and routines need to be dealt with, while at the same time, an increasing number of things are supposed to be handled by fewer people. Therefore, there is a growing need for both leaders and employees to be able to lead themselves.

The Cultural change programme is about creating a corporate culture of growth and development, where the co-workers want and dare to contribute in a constructive way. It could be anything from the values, habits and attitudes in the company, to hands-on questions about feedback and how you communicate and follow up decisions. The main thing is to involve everyone and bring out each employee’s full potential and thereby create commitment and trust. When you enjoy going to work, the positive results will follow!

We use the train-the-trainer method as follows:

  • Workshops where, together with the leaders/leadership team, you identify what changes you would like to carry out and what you want to achieve. Does your existing structure support the culture you would like to establish?
  • The managers then take part in an individual development programme, working with both what you want to achieve and how you will lead the change.
  • The third step is for the managers to implement the actual changes with their staff, continually supported by one of our leadership consultants.

All participants are given access to our exclusive material on Personal Leadership.

Our department was really lifted by this programme and is now more prominent within the company. Our employees take more responsibility and we have a more positive culture. With many small goals you can achieve a lot!”

Per Mårtensson, Program Director Filmstaden

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