We can see in our progress that it has produced results

Mikael Törnberg, Sales Manager, Acumo AB


The New Leadership continually carry out client surveys. Among other things, this survey, called The NL Leadership Index, shows that:

• 97% of the clients are satisfied or very satisfied.
• On average, clients experience a 20% improvement in their leadership skills.

At The New Leadership, we measure the impact of all of our training. Partly in order for our clients to be able to evaluate what they get from their investment, and partly for our own quality assurance and to allow us to further develop and improve our concept.

One part of the survey measures our clients’ perception of themselves when it comes to twelve different leadership skills, which together portray each client’s potential to achieve results and feel good in the process. This part of the survey is conducted both before and after the programme and the results therefore represent any change experienced by each client.

Clients experience, on average, having increased their efficiency and their ability to get the right things done by up to 21%. They also experience increased confidence and reduced stress.

All of the twelve leadership qualities in The NL Index reveal an improvement of 14 to 27 %.
Client satisfaction is also very high. 97 % of all participants express being satisfied or very satisfied (4s and 5s on a scale from 1 to 5) with The New Leadership.
To find out more about The New Leadership Index or anything else about The New Leadership, please contact Clas Kagerup, Managing Director, or Fredrik Kristoffers, Chairman and Founder.


Here is what some of our clients have to say:


“This is a process that renders results and which has saved us a lot of time.”

During a larger transformation, things sometimes happen so quickly that you forget to check how your employees are actually doing, or whether they are even on board with the change that is taking place. This is where The New Leadership programme has been a strong pillar in our work, something to give us strength when things have been tough and which has kept the management team together on this journey. This is a process that renders results and which has saved us a lot of time.

Per Gauffin, Change Manager and Interim Managing Director, Portandum


“We can see in our progress that it has produced results.”

Speaking the same language is very valuable. Since all of us in the company have the same base in The New Leadership and have been working with the material for several years, I know that when I communicate internally in the company, everybody will understand what I mean.
This is worth a lot in itself. But best of all is of course to see how our results have improved since we started our work with The New Leadership. It really bears fruit!

Mikael Törnberg, Sales Manager, Acumo AB

“Improved leadership quality in the public sector.”

I am very satisfied with the programme. There are some real gems to revisit again and again for my work. It also works very well in a political organisation. The strongest argument for the programme is the improved quality of the leadership in the public sector.

Carl Älfvåg, Director General, Handisam


“The only training that has led to lasting results.”

Having done several different leadership courses in the past, this is the only one which has led to sustainable results. It makes you grow faster as a human, as a leader and a colleague… A journey that is still continuing even after the programme has finished, thanks to the new approaches and the new tools you are given. We are now brilliantly prepared to continue to grow with more than 50% every year.

Martin Dahlberg, Managing Director Dahlberg (architecture, interior design and renovation)


“I was given help to structure and prioritise.”

I chose to participate in a programme with The New Leadership when I took up a new position with new areas of responsibility. My desire was to understand what habits I had developed so far in my career and how I might be able to change those I was not happy with.
My objective was to generate more value from all the work I put in. With The New Leadership, I was given the support to develop my ability to structure and prioritise my work. Now I am also more aware of what it is that consumes and what gives me energy, and how I can influence my own energy levels with some simple measures.

Anna Pontén, Head of Personnel at Deloitte


“I have become braver and more resolute”

The New Leadership has meant many important changes for me as a manager: I take the time to consider things more, to reflect, in order to make better decisions. I can more easily prioritise what is important. I feel more secure in my competence… Altogether this has made me braver and more resolute. In addition, I am enjoying my job even more!

Marlene Bernfalk Karlsson, CFO Gnesta Kommun


“A result that speaks for itself”

The New Leadership program gave me new tools, approaches and strategies to develop my role as a leader in the organisation. To my delight, my coach, in his consultative role, was able to bring out a lot of potential in me that has led to substantial changes for me in my everyday work, both from a strategic and an operational perspective. This in turn has led to my being able to create an additional time “pot” of up to ten hours a week, which I can use for strategic developmental work – my most important task.

All of this has had, and still has, positive consequences for my co-workers’ responsibility and the work that they do, as well as for the performance and results. Our internal client surveys have improved from an average of 3.5 to 4.0 over a period of two years. With these results, we are today seen as the function within the company offering the best service to its internal clients. A result that speaks for itself. I can highly recommend The New Leadership for similar assignments with managers both on strategic and operational levels.

Michael Forslund, HR Manager at HSB

3909793_origWe have worked with more than 300 companies

The New Leadership coaches work with a large number of companies and organisations, small and large. Hundreds of people attend the program every year.

More than 250 companies in many different industries have already chosen to let their employees grow with The New Leadership program. Below are some of them:

Sigma, Capgemini, Deloitte, KPMG, WSP, Visma, iStone, Lawson/infor, Euromaint, Swedtrac, Väg o vatteningenjörerna, Tectura.

Swedbank, Sparbanker, DNB, SEB, Nordea, Hannover Re:

Xylem, Electrolux, Ericsson

PEAB, Tumba Glas, Byggpartner

Vattenfall, Fortum, Indoor Energy


LG Electronics, Adidas, Steen&Ström.

Kommuner (Gnesta, Örebro, etc.), Trafikverket, Handisam, Boverket.


Linköpings Universitet, Studiefrämjandet, studieförbundet Bilda, KTH, Medborgarskolan, Akademiska Uppsala, Lärarförbundet.


SAS, Flygbussarna, HSB, JM, Roche, Stockholm Vatten

Nominate your ”Everyday Hero”

The New Leadership want to encourage people and organisations who work hard to make the world we live in a better place. Every year we therefore offer someone the opportunity to take part in our programme for free.

You can work in any trade, as long as you meet the following demands:

• You must have a whole-hearted dedication that goes way beyond the paid hours of work.

• You must have a clear goal to change and improve the life of others.

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