Management team development

Strategic and tactical work is done by the management team. This is where the direction of the company is established and where important decisions are made. The management team are in charge of the different areas of the organisation and are responsible for taking measures for improvements and streamlining when needed.

Management team development

But how much time and effort do you allocate for the management team itself to work as well as possible? Does everyone take responsibility for the whole business, not just their own area? What does the division of responsibilities within the management group look like? How do you collaborate? How often are your meetings more about ‘putting out fires’ rather than strategically important questions?

Since every management team is unique and has different needs, you decide what issues you would like to work with. We will help you assess the current situation and design a bespoke development programme to suit your specific needs.

A few examples of important issues:

  • Ensuring that everyone in the management team understands and agrees on your shared mission.
  • Finding a structure and routines for your meetings.
  • Making sure the tasks and areas of responsibility are clear to everyone.
  • Identifying the expectations you have of each other and those others have of you as a management team.
  • Making sure the organisational goals are shared by everyone in the group.
  • Ensuring everyone is aware of the decision-making process – how decisions are carried through into the organisation and how they are followed up.
  • Increasing your self-awareness. Knowing what resources (strengths and weaknesses) your management team may have, as well as those in the organisation at large.
  • Trusting each other and taking advantage of everyone’s skills and personalities.
  • Agreeing on the core values of the company, what you need to do to make sure everyone in the company is on board with them and that they are also communicated well in your contact with your clients, suppliers and partners.

We have turned the trend around and have grown to become one of the strongest IT consultancy companies. Exactly how the programme contributed to this is hard to say, but it really had an effect.”

Richard Börjesson, Managing Director at Visma Custom Solutions

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