If you can lead yourself, you can also lead others.

To be a good manager and leader, you always need to start by really knowing yourself and then use your strengths in the best way possible to work through and past any limitations you may have.

Personal Leadership.

The New Leadership foundation programme, Personal Leadership, is all about this, about being a good manager for yourself and finding your own way to success. In the continuation programme you also acquire invaluable knowledge about how your co-workers think and operate and how you motivate them in the best way possible, make them feel committed and work towards the established goals.
We can also offer individually tailored programmes, where, together with an experienced leadership consultant, you make a long-term plan, or decide on the content along the way.

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“I have become braver and take action more. The New Leadership has meant many important changes for me as a manager. I take the time to really reflect in order to make better decisions. I find it easier to prioritise what is important and I feel more confident about my competence. Altogether, this has made me braver and more equipped to act. Also, I enjoy my work even more now!”


Marlene Bernfalk Karlsson, Financial Director Gnesta Council