Personal Leadership in a group

Personal Leadership in a group is exactly what it sounds like, i e our Personal Leadership programme tailor-made to suit a group. Here too the starting point is that if you can lead yourself, you can lead others. An efficient group consists of members who are secure in themselves, with good self-esteem.

Personal Leadership in a Group

Here we use the power of the group in the development process and build high-performing teams by enhancing the strengths and the awareness of everyone in the group. Much effort is put into building trust within the group – sharing insights and experiences, instead of territorial thinking, listening to and coaching each other towards the shared goals, instead of acting alone.

The coaching leadership is a strong theme running through the programme and the advantages are manifold:

  • A shared language around leadership
  • More committed co-workers
  • Stronger goal focus
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved time management
  • Less stress
  • More prompt decisions
  • Clearer communication
  • Fewer conflicts
  • Greater insight into personal habits and attitudes
  • Responsibilities allocated to the right person


Group meetings are alternated with individual sessions, which also ensures the personal development process. The programme runs over an extended period of time of ca eight months, with meetings approximately every four weeks, which allows for the participants to implement their newfound knowledge and insights in the everyday work and thereby achieve sustainable change.

The material included: 12 inspiring chapters to listen to (audio book) and read (a binder or online), exercises, self-assessments, etc.

We have become braver and now dare take new steps and make new decisions. Our leaders have been challenged and have challenged themselves. Our managers have really grown with this programme.

Anna Jidberg, Contract Director at Coor

Result: Leadership Index: + 17 %

Motivated co-worker Index: + 11 %

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