Structure, vision and values

All organisational development is about one thing: creating the best possible conditions for every part of the organisation to be successful.


The New Leadership can help you with the bigger picture aspects, such as structure, vision and values, as well as growing and enhancing the commitment, behaviour and competencies of each individual employee.

We tailor our processes to the existing conditions and needs in your organisation and thereby create long-term and sustainable positive results. A great additional advantage is that we can, if you so desire, complement the process with our established programmes, such as, for example, Personal Leadership.

Our programmes for organisations:

Looking at our progress and growth, we can see that this programme is really working”

There is great value in having a shared language. Since all of us in the company have the same base in The New Leadership and have been working with their material for many years, I can communicate internally in the company and know that everyone will understand what I mean.

This in itself is worth a lot. But the most exciting thing is, of course, the results we have seen  since we started working with The New Leadership. It really leads to great results!

Mikael Törnberg, Sales Manager, Acumo AB

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