In our Individual Leadership Development programme, you set the agenda.

You probably have a few years’ experience as a manager and have realised what your strengths are, but also what you need to develop further. You now want to move ahead and really explore your potential.

Individual Leadership Development

The objective is for you to acquire increased self-awareness, both as an individual and as a manager, of how your leadership style affects the people around you (co-workers, other managers, clients, suppliers…) as well as the results of your company. By your side is a leadership consultant with extensive management experience, who will act both as your sounding board and your business coach.

As this programme is bespoke and designed for you and your specific needs, you have every possibility to choose the contents to suit you. Some of the areas often requested by our clients are:

  • Deal with challenges and change.
  • Communicate with and through others.
  • Become confident as a leader and create a workplace with a safe and trusting climate.
  • Set goals, steer towards them and reach them.
  • Give feedback, motivate and coach your co-workers.
  • Create an environment which simultaneously nurtures ‘business drive’ and results, as well as well-being and joy.
  • Become a present manager and a good role model.
  • Delegate and let the co-workers grow and take more responsibility.
  • Manage your time and prevent stress.

Your wishes and needs guide the plan for the programme. If you want, you and your leadership consultant will make a long-term plan, or, if you prefer, you end each session by deciding on the content for the next meeting.


“I have become better at making decisions and I am reaching my goals. The process itself leads to sustainable change, as the programme extends over a longer period of time, allowing for plenty of opportunity for reflection and implementing the new ideas and exercises, as well as regularly meeting with my leadership consultant. My decision-making skills have improved and my goals are reached, step by step. If you would like to really get to know yourself and reach positive results, this is an excellent tool. For organisations, this is an excellent tool in which to invest, for leaders on any level.”

Göran Axhamre, Training Effects AB
Former Head of Competence and Leadership Development at, for example, Swedbank

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