Mission, vision and values

Do you know what kind of company you want to be? Does everyone else in the company know this? And is it clear to your clients what you stand for?

Mission, vision and values

Today, consumers do not necessarily choose a product or service based only on what it offers. It is equally important that the companies consumers choose have values corresponding to their own, that the company profile symbolises something they agree with. Also, when recruiting new members of staff, research shows that the corporate culture and purpose play an increasingly larger role when young employees choose whom to work for.

We help you develop your vision

This is where a well-thought-out and inspiring vision can make a huge difference for your organisation, your company or your department. However, your vision is not only important for your clients, it is just as important for your co-workers, those who are there today and those you would like to be working for you in the future.

A good vision works like a compass – it indicates the direction in which you would like everyone in the company to be heading, it helps you understand what is particularly important for your company and when put into action, it shows everyone around you what kind of company you want to be perceived as.

There are many perceptions and associations around the terms vision, mission and values. Briefly, we define them as follows:

  • Vision – the ideal image of a future you would like to be yours.
  • Mission – what you do every day to work towards this goal.
  • Values – what is really important to you.
  • Supporting behaviour – how you display your values in your everyday operations, so others can see that these are values that are important to you.


Clarity in all these four dimensions also offers a clear picture of what is expected of everyone in a long-term perspective, regardless of this year’s business plan, this month’s campaign, the current strategy, etc. It becomes an important pillar in your decision-making, a framework for your feedback, and also works as a self-regulating broomstick for cleaning out undesirable behaviour.

Since the management team produced our company’s vision and mission, these have been at the core of everything we have done since and have guided our decisions. It became very apparent what it is that we do. I highly recommend The New Leadership process for working with your vision and values!”

Andreas Backlund, Moreco Group AB

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