New manager

If you are new as a manager, you have to learn how to balance two roles. As a representative for the employer, you are expected to lead and to deliver results, whilst at the same time having to face expectations from the employees that their best interest should be your focus.

New manager

In the New Manager programme, we offer hands-on tools for you to quickly assume your role as a manager. We discuss the role of the manager, both ‘hard’ and ‘soft values’, where we focus on the manager’s ability to coach the employees to grow and take more responsibility. The employees are the company’s most important asset and to win their commitment, trust and respect, the manager must feel safe and confident in the new role.

A considerable part of the training is linked to the manager’s key tasks, for example continual goal conversations, team meetings, quality assurance, goal orientation and follow-up activities. It is not just about what is being done, but, and perhaps even more importantly, about how it is done. Communicating in the appropriate way and giving good and relevant feedback are therefore two important parts of the programme.

About the content:

  • Key tasks – tailor-made to the specific management role.
  • Setting goals – how to do it and how to follow up.
  • Feedback – both give and receive.
  • Coaching as a tool – how employees can grow and develop, take more responsibility and start leading themselves.
  • Meetings and meeting culture – the art of coming to a meeting well-prepared and how everyone can contribute.
  • To lead during the meeting – practical tips for new managers.


The training is carried out in two stages of 1 + 1 days, with individual project work in between the two training days. This allows for the opportunity to implement the newfound knowledge in the everyday work and ‘test drive’ it all in practice. It is all about quickly getting started. It all starts when you start!

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