Organisational development

A successful organisation consists of motivated and committed people who know what they are doing and do the right things, who are able to co-operate with and support each other and who have shared values and goals. There is always a very clear picture of why the company exists and how work should be carried out.

Organisational development

However, a successful organisation must also be in a state of constant change and development to handle inevitable challenges, whether it is about the individual co-worker’s competencies or behaviour, or about the company’s overall structure and collaborations.

We can support your organisation to develop a long-term leadership in three crucial areas – results, staff and, not least, the future:


Leading results: Getting the desired results has got a lot to do with working in a goal-oriented manner on every level, both short-term and long-term. The goals also need to be formulated in such a way that they can be followed up. Thereby, you can ensure that you actually deliver what you say that you are going to do.

Leading staff: Motivation, commitment and trust come from every employee feeling strongly that their work is meaningful, that they have the appropriate knowledge and shared values and goals. Changes and improvements should include everyone and everyone should feel part of what is going on. Only then can we create the right conditions for an efficient organisation.

Leading the future: Looking at the future from a business perspective – vision and the bigger picture goals – requires good market intelligence combined with innovative and creative thinking. Daring to try (make a mistake, do it again, do it right) is essential in all forms of innovation and growth.

We will, naturally, adapt our processes to suit your organisation and weave in, for example, you company values, competencies and specific training needs, to ensure sustainable, long-term positive results. We can also add on any programme from our leadership development portfolio: New Manager, Personal Leadership, Leading Through Others, etc.

We reached our company goals ahead of time, grew the organisation and have been able to define new goals and action plans. We use The New Leadership programme for staff members on different levels, in order to create a shared platform and tools for continued growth. I can really recommend this training programme and the tools you are given. An added value is that we now have an external sounding board who knows our organisation and can come in to run seminars and lead discussions on different topics in a professional way.

Erik Löb, Managing Director Byggtekniska Byrån

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