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Would you like to be inspired? Motivated? Challenged? Do you have six and a half minutes to spare (yes, you do)? Then this video is for you…

As we now enter November, many of us need a little encouragement in our lives, as few of us are keen on the wet, dark and colder weather. We moan, despite knowing fully well that wasting time and energy on something over which we have no control is completely pointless.

This is where Tim Minchin and his speech to the graduating students at The University of Western Australia in 2013 can come in handy. Tim Minchin, an Australian comedian, actor, musician and composer, among other things, had just been awarded an honorary doctorate at his old university and his speech to the graduates has by many been named the best motivational speech ever. It may be a few years old now, but Minchin’s “9 Life Lessons” are more current than ever. Even if you have already seen this video, it is worth watching again.

This is a speech that will make you stop and think and perhaps even turn a few things in your life upside down: Is it really the big dreams you should always strive for? Do you really challenge your own opinions as often as you question others’? How do you treat people with less power than yourself? Are you supposed to always chase happiness or perhaps embrace and enjoy life as it comes?

As a bonus, Minchin is very funny. And maybe, just maybe, it might make you realise that even November can offer bright, sparkly days…

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