The New Leadership goes global…

Photo above: Fredrik Kristoffers, founder of The New Leadership, together with our two UK-based leadership coaches Mamta Gera (hosting the event in London two weeks ago) and Helena Bernáld.

The New Leadership are now taking the next important step onto the global market. At the end of October, we opened our first overseas branch office in Covent Garden in London.

— Even though this is a big step right now, it is still just a tiny step in our vision to reach many more countries, says Clas Kagerup, CEO of The New Leadership.

In the last few years, The New Leadership have become one of the leading training companies for Personal Leadership in Sweden. Today more than 20 leadership coaches use The New Leadership material, which for the past two years has also been available in English. International expansion has always been a goal.

— Our coaches are already working with English-speaking clients around the world, so the choice of London for our first overseas branch office was no coincidence. Also, is will serve as a natural springboard to reach out to other markets, says Clas Kagerup.

Mamta Gera and Helena Bernáld are our first two leadership coaches in the UK. Helena Bernáld brings with her nearly twenty years of experience in leadership, communication and training and as director of her own company. Mamta Gera has extensive leadership experience from several large corporations, for example the BBC, SkyTV and Amazon.

— I am very excited to be part of this journey as The New Leadership expand onto the international arena. The New Leadership may be a Swedish concept, but it is extremely well suited for the international market, as it is so closely linked to the goals of the individual clients and their organisation. A concept without borders, you might say! says Helena Bernáld.

So, in what ways can a Swedish leadership training company contribute to improved and enhanced leadership in the UK and on the global market? Mamta Gera, who has ample experience from international corporations, sees at least three areas where The New Leadership differ from traditional management programmes.

— It is both work-related and personal. Most leadership programmes only focus on your job, whereas The New Leadership also explores other areas of your life, not just your work. It is actually rather obvious that whatever happens in your personal life, your health, your family, your friends… will also affect you as a professional. And vice versa, what happens at work will influence your life outside of work.

— The New Leadership programme is strongly goal-oriented. From the very first meeting, it is all about setting goals and reaching them. And seeing how all these smaller goals eventually lead to the main goal is brilliant. One step at a time…

— In addition, the material offers some very inspiring reading and many ”aha moments”…

To mark the launch of our new London office, The New Leadership hosted an event which included a presentation of The New Leadership, Q&A and excellent networking opportunities. More than 60 guests, from a wide range of larger and smaller companies, attended the event and offered some very positive feedback. A few voices from the evening:

” Having just a small glimpse into how New Leadership works really demonstrated their dedication and passion for helping others achieve their goals. The event was very inspiring, I came away reflecting on my own goals with a real sense of motivation and focus.” Rachel Brown, Product Owner, Goji

” An engaging and thought-provoking event. The New Leadership provided me with a great platform to identify my goals and envisage a pathway towards achieving them.”  Daljeet Sidhu, Software Test Engineer, Dunelm

” I found it a very informative, a useful and enjoyable presentation and evening, good for networking. Personally found it useful because I’ve been thinking of using life coaching services, felt I needed guidance in my future career and personal life direction.” Sirini James, Biomedical Scientist, Work in different Histopathology labs

 ” Great event. Met some very interesting people. The hosts were very gracious and generous. The content of the event was fascinating and eye-opening.” Sousan Luqman, Education Programme Manager, Elfridfa Rathbone

For more information, please contact:
Clas Kagerup, CEO: Tel: +46 72 731 07 31 Email:
Fredrik Kristoffers, Founder and Global Business Development: Tel: +46 70 399 68 39 Mail:

More than 60 people listened, were inspired and took the opportunity to network while The New Leadership launched the London office with an event including both a presentation and ample opportunity to mingle.
Sousan Luqman, Rita Sharma, Sirini James and Susie Hanlon were four of the guests. They all agreed that it was a great event and they do look like they were enjoying themselves…
“Fascinating, eye-opening and useful”, was some of the feedback about The New Leadership and the evening.

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