The best and shortest top tip for the Christmas holidays…

A week to go before Christmas and perhaps you are drowning in work? Add to that all the Christmas presents waiting to be bought and wrapped… The Christmas tree pining for you to buy it and dress it… Not to mention all the Christmas food… Are you feeling stressed?

According to an annual survey from Peakon, one of the largest companies in the world measuring employee engagement, most of us are. 15,000 employees in the US, the UK, Germany and the Nordic countries say they are experiencing more stress and become less productive the closer to Christmas they get.

Today, with a week to go before Christmas, around half of the employees in the survey admit to not focusing as much on work as they normally do. Over the next few days, this number will increase further and the last working day before Christmas, productivity will be close to zero.

Here at The New Leadership, we feel we need to do our part to decrease your stress, which is why we will round off this blog post already here and give you a few extra minutes to do whatever you like with.

We will however offer some food for thought for the next few weeks:

1. If you think it is important – do it. If not, don’t.
2. If you think it is urgent, then ask yourself if it is also important. Then revert to point 1 above.

With Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The New Leadership

PS. If, despite all the stresses in your life, you would happen to have seven minutes to spare, we really recommend this inspirational speech by comedian and actor Tim Minchin. When Minchin was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree by The University of Western Australia, this was his way of thanking his old university and inspire the students who were just graduating. Perhaps it may inspire you too, as we enter the new decade…


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